Working on tiles for Pete and Carol

I’ve spent a good part of the day trying to glaze 3 color handmade tiles for an exterior application (stair risers). So far it’s gone slowly, as each color has to be applied using a sprayer and hand shielded with templates image

so there’s reduced overspray.  Tricky as hell, and time consuming, but the test came out well-so I’m hopeful this works!
This is the first of 34 pairs….!

Several days have passed. Much cursing has ensued. I’ve been struggling with the glazes a bit.

I primarily have been using a line of Laguna glazes called “Versa 5”. These are cone 5 (high fire) glazes that are mixable with all other colors in the line. Just like paint- which is awesome because you usually can’t do that with high fire glazes. I can make endless combinations of colors. Perfect for what I’m doing, which is trying to color match some commercially made solid body porcelain tile by Winklemans, out of France.
I created a mosaic for Pete and Carol’s porch using the Winklemans, and the ceramic tiles are designed as stair risers to “match”.

I’ve been spraying the glaze and capturing and recycling the overspray. Unfortunately, this recycled glaze refuses to stay in suspention. This means all the silica in the glaze falls right to the bottom of my sprayer, clogging it immediately.
I’ve resorted to hand brushing parts- they’re now in the kiln, we’ll see what happens…