Chicken Love

I can’t help it- I am here to admit it to the world.

I love chickens!

Yes. The live ones. And although I’m just beginning to tell the difference between a Banty  and a Rhode Island Red, they all have such hilarious personalities- I just can’t tear myself away from them whenever and wherever I encounter them.

I spent a couple of hours this past weekend over at historic Hanley Farms, outside of Medford, OR communing with my feathered friends and doing my best to capture some good reference shots for future artistic endeavors.


I had gone out there for “Artist Day”, though it seemed to be “Artist ONLY Day” as far as I could tell. Only a tiny smattering of non-artists were sighted. Far more chickens were in attendance.


There was live music, painters, jewelers, designers, quilters, plenty of critters…but no one to help support them.

Except the chickens.


This guy had plenty to crow about with all the hullabaloo that was going on, not to mention that weird human crawling around on the ground staring at him.

I also encountered a gorgeous peacock.

P1000219Check out how long his tail is! Like five times the length of his actual body. Amazingly gorgeous.


But alas, without a mate to show off for, he just hung out on the ground looking handsome for the rest of us.P1000221

These photos just don’t do him justice.

I also attempted to befriend a couple of…

P1000284donkeys? burros? I am obviously NOT a native farm girl. P1000292This one seemed eager for a pat- but I HAVE had experience with electric fences before, and I can tell you now- it is NOT an experience I want to relive. Yikes it’s stunning!

So we just had a little chat, and then it was back to my feathered friends in the coop.

P1000192 This young lady was attempting to stay cool by digging herself a hole to China, and then hopping in it. Pretty amazing to see really. I’ve never “known” a chicken before, but they sure do like to dig! I took a study shot of their feet, because they are way way stouter (is that a word?) than I ever realized. P1000226This is the largest of the Roosters- and he knew it too. He was very protective of his hens, leading them into and then back out of the coop several times as I attempted to get closer shots.P1000196P1000227P1000266

And then there was this one…he looked like I felt! Exhausted.


Time for a nap, then off to home.


I’m happy and excited to share with you my good friend Joe Dunbar’s Kickstarter project The Runway: A Fashion Documentary.

He’s been creating works of fashion for at least 25 years, as well as training the next generation of models – many of which have gone on to do work for Nike and model in L.A.

Joe created one of the gowns for Miss Oregon’s wardrobe for the Miss America Pagent two years ago, as well as doing many custom designs for brides, beauties, and their mothers.

His works range from Little Black Dresses to Costumes for theatre, dance, and play, as well as his gorgeous gowns for dress and bridal occasions.

I’ve helped him out here and there over the years with my mosaic tenacity by bead-dazzling many of his gowns, costumes, and masks – as well as by cheerleading his efforts and helping clean up before a show!

I hope you’ll check out his work and support his endeavors, as I will be doing with my “sweat equity”- helping to create masks for the runway show.

An update here- Joe is now fundraising over at indiegogo- please help him out with any small donation you can.