Progress on Mosaic Town

Just a brief update on my little town project.

Today I completed another building I think of as the Office Building-with a striated copper tiled roof of glass and seafoam green handmade ceramic tile for the walls.


Again-this is ungrouted to date.


I am starting on the 2 Story House tomorrow, but have already deviated from my original drawn ideas.


I loved these little yellow spirals I had left from a previous project, so decided to use them here.
The doors/windows will be of glass tile, while the main house siding will be a textured red ceramic tile I made a year or more ago.
I’ll keep you all updated on the progress.

2 thoughts on “Progress on Mosaic Town

  1. missmosaicgirl:

    I love the Office Building. Help me! Will the town be on display somewhere? I think I missed something.

    Distant Hugs,
    Aunt Pat

    • You didn’t miss a thing! I’m just making these to sell-where they’ll be shown is undetermined, but if I still have them in Nov. they’ll be at the Clayfolk show.
      I’ve made a group years ago and folks loved them, so thought I’d do some more and rid my studio of clutter at the same time.

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